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mrpawnshopghost replied to your post: Recs for good Netflix streaming horror…

The Shrine was something I watched recently that I found a few things to like about

Fun fact I accidentally crashed Aaron Ashmore’s table at the bar during a horror movie festival after he just…




Can the science side of tumblr explain why the Kirby’s Epic Yarn soundtrack is so good


String Theory.

Thank you science side of tumblr


Wahhhhhh!!  Senpai noticed me :’)))

Wh-WHAT? I had no idea I was your senpai :’3 -blushblush-
And I mean, if I didn’t notice you I’d be blind. o_o; You’re like… one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever had the opportunity to like… speak with… and stuff. Sheesh.
Actually, if I was blind, I’d still probably notice you because you’re super nice too but yeah.